What is silicon?


What is silicon?

After oxygen, silicon is the most abundant element on Earth. Silicon is present everywhere in nature: in quartz rocks, clay, sand, and plants such as nettle or horsetail. Our diet also contains silicon, including whole grains, green beans, red lentils, dried dates, bananas, mango.

The role of silicon

Silicon plays a major role in building and repairing the structural elements in hair, skin and nails. Silicon is an essential mineral for structuring proteins such as keratin in hair and nails, and collagen in the skin. More structure means sturdier hair, fewer wrinkles and stronger nails.

Preferably an easily absorbable silicon

In its natural form, highly concentrated silicon is difficult for the body to absorb because it is not soluble in water. The recording becomes even more difficult as we get older.
A good and stable form of silicon is the water-soluble ortho-silicic acid. We call this bio-active silicic acid. All our ba'sil products contain the innovative Collasil® as bio-active silicic acid, the better active silicon , hence our name ba'sil.
Collasil® contains a patented mixture based on water-soluble orthosilicic acid with collagen from fish and is produced in Monaco. It is a silicon in powder form with very good absorption. And that was scientifically researched!*

*Source: Nakanishi et al. Oral supplementation of orthosilicic acid and its impact on hair quality. Med Cutan Iber Lat Am. 2017; 45 (1): 29-35.

Ba'sil with bio-active silicic acid and collagen, the highly absorbable mixture

Ba'sil nutrients with very high absorption

Nutrients with normal absorption